Social Ads Stats, Ranking, Categories and More

You already know social ads are running but how much effort has been taken and how much business are being generated from these campaigns? There are ways to tell and now you can access them in a single click.

Introducing our latest feature Rankings


We have designed AdsVantage to the first place you go when thinking about social ads and with this new feature you get deeper insight into the performance of a social marketing campaign at a glance.

You may be asking yourself how best to read these statistics, here are a few basic pointers:

Global Rank: This gives you insight into how big the website being promoted in the campaign is. A good rule of thumb is the bigger the more money, staff effort have gone into a particular campaign. Pay careful attention to high ranked sites

Country Rank: Unlike the global rank this gives you insight into specifically which countries are being targeted the most. Country specific campaigns can be very lucrative along with more well funded mature campaigns scaling to new countries.

Category Rank: Arguably one of the most powerful new features we have introduced lets you see how a website is performing relative to all other sites in its category. When finding new partners or competition this is a valuable insight indeed.

Social Traffic: Here you can see what percentage of the website traffic has been sent from social (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). Some websites rely entirely on social ads for most of their business while for other its but one channel in their online marketing funnel.

Access to this data is costly and therefore will only be available to early-bird Basic and Advanced accounts.

Easily Find Facebook Campaigns Using AdsVantage

AdsVantage is a software solution that makes it easy to find campaigns on Facebook ads. With AdsVantage you can:

  • Boost engagement by researching which ad posts attract likes or comments
  • Discover best of ads which attract more participation
  • Split test new ads ideas faster using a data-driven approach to marketing
  • Get advertiser level reports showing which ads were most effective
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