Favorite Lists Make Social Ad Planning Simple

AdsVantage’s mission is to be the first place you go when thinking of social ads and a large part of that involves planning. To make social ads planning as simple as possible we have just released the ability to add ads to favorite lists.

favorite social ad

The benefit of this new way of saving ads is that you can research multiple projects at the same time, perfect if you working on a social marketing campaign for a client or shortlisting ads which contain elements you like.

We are already receiving great feedback for this new feature as it streamlines the process from creative idea to a running social campaign. No longer will the ads you find interesting be mixed with those ads which are mission critical.

favorite lists

Stay tuned for more updates, soon we will be releasing a re-designed of the advanced stats which will contain even more analytics.

Easily Find Facebook Campaigns Using AdsVantage

AdsVantage is a software solution that makes it easy to find campaigns on Facebook ads. With AdsVantage you can:

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  • Discover best of ads which attract more participation
  • Split test new ads ideas faster using a data-driven approach to marketing
  • Get advertiser level reports showing which ads were most effective
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