Facebook Ad Emoji and Special Characters

Some advertisers user special characters in Facebook ads, here are a few reasons why:

  • to avoid getting detected by Facebook’s filtering algorithms (eg. too many t-shirt, skin, flashlight ads are being shown so surge pricing is applied)
  • protect from their competition using Google or Facebook search to lookup their ad copy or videos
  • cloaking restricted niches like dating, bizopp or diet making massive profits with no competition

Likewise the use of emojis in Facebook ads is also an effective strategy for gaining attention and thus engagement.

Here are some examples of t-shirt advertisers using emojis in ads:

T-shirt emoji Facebook ads

Lets focus on the middle ad as the middle ad also uses special characters:

special characters facebook ad

If you look carefully it uses Russian letters for the Bs (along with many other letters that look the same) effectively cloaking what the ad is doing from algorithms while remaining readable to people.

This is a very popular strategy for for business opportunity advertisers who use phrases like make money or diet advertisers who use words like fat and weight.

AdsVantage is picking up more of these ads than ever and we have recently updated it so that you will no longer see ???? for many of these special characters and emojis, instead they will show as they do in Facebook. This is currently only enabled for English ads.

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