How to use Facebook Ads with Email ROI

There are a couple of ways to get the email ROI you are used to  when sending email using facebook ads.

These 2 methods focus on using your existing email subscribers and require no demographic research if you already know your offers convert with your current audience.

The first of the 2 methods is the simplest and only requires placing a single line of javascript on your landing page. What you are effectively doing is taking your clickers and turning them into a retargetting list.

One of the reasons we build AdsVantage was to help you bridge the creative gap.

In your email campaigns you already use keywords in your headlines and guess what, all your old headlines can be re-used as facebook ads.

The second way is a bit more complicated but not much, all you need to do is import your email subscribers list into Facebook custom audience.

facebook audience button

Then click

next step

Finally here are your options

facebook import for custom audience  options

The idea behind why this works is because you are targeting the same people just using a different medium/media/whatever you normally call it.

Remember social ads are slightly different to email in that you really want to make ads that get shared by users. To help take the guess work out of ad creation we built AdsVantage as the first place to look when building out a social campaign.

Easily Find Facebook Campaigns Using AdsVantage

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  • Get advertiser level reports showing which ads were most effective
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