Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Unite

new facebook ads manager

Today Facebook made Ads Manager much better by effectively upgrading it to be more like Power Editor which is and soon to be was really just a browser based API tool for managing your campaigns.

According to help center power editor users “won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name.” and users of the old ad manager will have more freedom to create campaigns beyond limited the step-by-step functionality of old.

This change also means Facebook is trying to get advertisers to run their existing ads on their other big property Instagram which also has a tonne of inventory with 700 million users, many of whom got hacked recently revealing their emails and or phone numbers which can be used for building custom audiences.

Power Editor is to be phased out so best get used to using the new Ads Manager or find a good external API based like Qwaya, AdStage, Social Ad Tools, Smartly, AdEspresso, the list goes on or honestly you can build one yourself as the Facebook API has great documentation and you all you are going to submitting bulk ads then automatically removing the losers and increasing the winners this can be done with a cheap $5/month server, a database and a script on repeat.

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