Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Facebook Ads

With the US election just about wrapping up lets take a look at how the top two campaigns looked on Facebook ads.

This election has seen the most money spent on social ads mainly because a) social ads are getting more expensive as competition heats up and more people understand how to make them work and b) more people than ever use social media to manage their social lives, get social news and communicate with people they care about.

Lets start with everyone favorite whipping post Donald Trump

Donald Trump Facebook ads
Donald Trump Facebook ads

Almost every ad the Trump campaign has run has been a video ad yet if you sort by number of likes (bad metric for determining anything other than popularity) you find that image ads tend to get far more likes.

Trump really should have taken more advantage of t-shirt sales as they are self supporting with profit and generate a lot of likes and shares. Plus they are inherently viral if people wear them.

You can find more Donald Trump Facebook Ads here

Now for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Facebook ads
Hillary Clinton Facebook ads

With mostly image ads Hillary has been spamming Facebook for months with more of an emphasis of collecting email addresses so she can spam your inbox too. There also seems to be the maximum amount of text on every ad.

While savvy at selling merchandise and focusing heavily on the fact that she is a her, would definitely benefit from skin care and anti-wrinkle products such as these ones:

wrinkle ads facebook
wrinkle ads facebook

Get the full spread of Hillary Clinton US election 2016 Facebook campaign here.

With half of America moving to Canada after the election, it will be interesting to see who wins.

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