Breaking News: Facebook Ads Work!

Facebook has been around now since February 2004 or 13.5 years. In that time it has managed to build a monthly active user base of 2 billion. Sure to keep the growth rate looking healthy they need to get lower value users from poorer countries using their site but because of network effects this still adds value to the higher value countries.

With monthly active users comes valuable statistics like time on site and with so much time on site this allows them to monetize by serving ads.

That is all very basic information, but it is important to state the basics to clear up any misinformation. Now here is what you may not know.

In the 3 months April May June they took in $9,321,000,000 almost entirely from the sale of ads. What explains the huge increase from the same period in 2016? The answer is pretty obvious and not very enlightening but advertisers are realizing that to reach their audience they need to have a larger presence on the world’s biggest social media platform.

It is interesting that this increase in revenue can be seen in every country and not just in the US and Canada.

But do Facebook Ads Work?

Yes, more people understand how to advertise on a social network as opposed to TV or radio and have tailored their approach accordingly.

Here is the basic formula:

  1. Understand the your audience demographic. Install the Facebook pixel on your website along with Google Analytics and learn as much about your most valuable visitors as possible. Call them and learn whatever you can.
  2. Build targeted content and post it everywhere. A news article on a big news site might convert higher than your own blog.
  3. Craft your creatives. These are your ads, the point of contact that you will probably be spending the most money on. Test a lot, archive the failures and get the message right, not just for the click, but for the conversion which may take some patience.
  4. Grow your campaign. Use multiple pages to promote the same products.
  5. Use software to monitor what people are commenting on your post and only keep the positive.
  6. Expand your campaign into other networks like Google’s Adwords for search and youtube.
  7. Analyse your data and mine in for useful insights across any digital platform you purchased media.
  8. Constantly revise your marketing message with all the new information your have generated, split test, learn, and grow.

What works on social media might not work on search. If you are running a video and text campaign it certainly will not work on YouTube pre-roll ads. Facebook ads is THE biggest ad platform for social media and its growing, so YES! Facebook ads work!

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