Why 75% of Businesses see Zero ROI on Facebook

Marketing on social media is THE most cost effective way to reach your audience and Facebook is the biggest platform. Despite this most businesses are not seeing any return on their marketing dollars especially on Facebook. Marketingland surveyed over 4,700 US small businesses with less than 10 people and found some very interesting things.

1. 58% spend less than 1 our per week on Facebook marketing

Think about that, most small businesses are spending less than 2.5% of their working week on the most cost effective way to reach their audience. Unless your audience is not on Facebook (it its a big audience there will be some) like under 13 year old you NEED to be spending at least an hour a week communicating preferably via your businesses Facebook page or Facebook ads as they can be easily made from posts that do well with you organic audience you got from people clicking like.

2. Only 22% post at least once a day

Posts can be short, all it needs to be is a photo or screenshot from happy customers or something exciting happening. Get your camera out and snap anything then see what your audience responds too and most importantly shares with their friends. Build a test audience as quickly as you can so you know which posts have a good chance of running as ads or get a high enough click through rate to see a return on investment.

3. They don’t run ads

Once you have an idea of what works for you or you want to discover it quicker there is a thing called Facebook ads. You take a public post or make a private one and show it to an audience with a little sponsored tag for $x per view. This can result in loosing your money or it could result in lighting your business on fire giving you 10x the number of new signups, add to carts and purchases. Getting it right is much harder than getting it wrong. Finding the perfect combination of words to use at each point of your marketing funnel can take a marketing genius or it might be as simple as finding 5 different funnels than are working right now reworking them to fit your product or service instead.

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