The Problem with Facebook Ads

Problem Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a new form of online marketing that product owners are still getting their heads around even though Facebook marketing has been around for so long.

The problem is that you have to submit so many image or video ads which take longer to create then match them with the right audience and landing page, a process that at the beginning seems like an overwhelming challenge.

So to begin with you are dealing with many variables that multiply the time it takes to hit that all important goal of making Facebook ads worth your while.

Lets break down the complexity of the problem a little bit by grouping the key areas into product, audience, ad and funnel.

1. Product

You need to prove that your product will convert visitors into sales and measure repeatable metrics such as earning per signup, sale or click. This is much easier to start with other traffic sources such as Google Adwords even if you loose money to begin with just to verify that your product has legs, if not start again with another product or spend all your effort fixing your existing product.

2. Audience

There are a few really good tools you can use to help with audience. Number 1 would be Facebook’s own pixel which will show you exactly the demographic you want to target but be sure to focus on converting visitors, Indians may spend forever on your website but they may NEVER purchase and if they do quickly ask for a refund. The more you grow the easier this will be just make sure placing Facebook pixel and Google analytics early on day 1 so you are not losing extremely valuable free data.

3. Ad

The best ad will not necessarily be the one with the best ad copy or the best sales message, infact research indicates that whatever text you use counts very little towards the success of your Facebook ads. What really matters is the efficiency of your ad because you are competing with everyone else who want to put their message in front of the same user. That means a stupid image with a plain message or a short video with 4 images looping might generate a click through rate so high that it makes your cost per click cheap enough to make a nice profit.

Another thing to consider is that the person you are advertising too may live in a world you have never had exposure too. Many of our top clients come from countries like China and Vietnam where the English they are using to market their products may have never been heard before by their own ears, let alone from a native English speaker. How is a 25 year old Italian supposed to sell skin cream to 56 year old woman in Florida, USA without help? AdsVantage was build to solve this very problem for the founders.

4. Funnel

Even if your product is a winner, your audience is refined and your ad generates clicks for cheap sending people directly to your homepage may not be the way to go and is certainly not the BEST way to go. A funnel gives you a huge advantage in that you get to better control and test your sales process and for expensive or complex products that require different steps to be learned slowly a funnel makes this job a lot easier. Testing is the biggest benefit as you can test everything from video sales letter, multiple short videos, no videos, headlines, lots of text, one time only sales and so on.

At the end of the day we are all fighting the battle of how to use our time the most efficient and effectively and this guide is to help identify where your biggest problem is as only one of the steps requires continuous spending of money and you guessed it the ad so make sure you get everything in order.

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