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When it comes to Facebook ads you are either starting out or trying to expand your current marketing efforts. There is only so much time in the day so you must plan that time to get the highest chance of success possible while limiting the risk that you completely wasted your time and money.

So many Facebook ad marketers fail miserably even if they have been successful with Adwords or other forms of advertising because there are just so many more variables in social media.

To achieve this goal of maximum efficiency and effectiveness we want to start somewhere familiar, not on a blank piece of paper. To do this you want to find both Facebook ads and Google ads (youtube or search) along with anything else that is clearly doing well and not just from the niche that you are targeting. Some of your best Facebook ad campaigns are going to come from reworking a campaign that is being run in a different niche to your niche, I call this “creative arbitrage”. Not creative like a painter or artist but because the video or image you are using in your Facebook ad is called a creative.

likes, shares and comments

One important thing to point out is that unlike almost every other form of advertising Facebook ads show you statistics as to how well it is responding to the audience with likes, shares and comments. If you combine this with the creation date or date posted (because they are just ordinary posts after all) you now have an actionable piece of real intelligence you can use to pick what you want to use when reworking your Facebook ads. To make this easier use a Facebook ad spy tool like the one we recommend AdsVantage.net as they have databases of literally tens of millions of ads and even allow you to see the Facebook post to read comments and see the likes, shares and comments in real like. If you look at your competitor ads you can even look at the profile page of the sharers and get some insight into how to build your audience but that is a topic for another post.

Once you have say 100 ads that you think are winners its time to rework them. You can do this yourself using a tool like Adobe Photoshop for images and Premier or Camtasia (because it so simple) or you can use a site like fiverr, freelancer.com, etc and post a job leveraging someone who already is proficient in these skills.

Make sure your landing page, the click through website, is at least up to the standard of the ads you are using and I recommend having at least 5 different landing pages to test if you are serious about finding a winner. If you do it early and find one that performs 2x better you may just 6x your profit if you only made 20% profit before.

GET YOUR ANALYTICS IN ORDER. Install Facebook analytics, Google analytics, heap analytics and learn how to use them.

Now its go time, only spend what you are willing to lose, all advertising is risky and never throw all eggs into one basket. This is an investment not an expense which is again why I recommend using Facebook ad spy tool like AdsVantage.net to reduce your risk. If an ad has no likes and shares, it probably either costs too much to run thus looses money or simply doesn’t perform.

Finally once you find some winners or almost winners, use them to make variations. Change colors, flips them around, use similar images and run as many as you can afford while using the data you collected to improve the overall funnel.

Easily Find Facebook Campaigns Using AdsVantage

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  • Get advertiser level reports showing which ads were most effective
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