How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

facebook lead ads

Sometimes you want clicks to your website, sometimes you want as many people as you can afford to engage with you content and sometimes you want people to sign up to what you are offering whether it be for a price estimate, a newsletter or product demo. Anything that requires filling out a form.

If you are not familiar with what a lead ad is Facebook has a great little video explaining here:

facebook lead ads

Lead ads might not be right for you as trust might be needed before the right or more importantly accurate information is given and therefore a pre-sale page perhaps with video might be a better options but given that Facebook probably already has the name, email address and phone number you want there is an opportunity to get that information and in the case of mobile much faster (as filling out a form on mobile is 34% slower).

The technique of using lead ads to fill forms with pre populated info, assuming you sold them well enough in the ad is almost guaranteed to decrease the friction in your sales funnel and because its pre populated using real information gives you more of an opportunity to follow up with them and not

Lead ads also work amazingly well when retargeting as the first click is a lower investment than a decision to hand over personal sensitive data to someone they have had literally seconds of contact with.

Its worth remembering that lead ads are great when the end goal is to just collect the data and that if the goal is conversion by sale this must be done with the data you just collected. It is also against Facebook’s terms for lead ads to sell the data, so if you want to do that you just have your own terms on your own form to do this.

Soon (but not now) AdsVantage spy tool will have the ability to filter by button text so lead ads will be easier to identify as they they typically say “Sign Up” or “Learn More”. This will probably be integrated into search along with domain name, we will post an update when its complete.

facebook spy tool sign up

If you want a visual walk through of what lead ads look like and how to set them up there is a great guide its very comprehensive and only a few months old so the screenshots should be up to date.

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