Growth Hacker’s Guide to Facebook Giveaway Campaigns

Marketers are always looking for high ROI campaigns and for social media if done correctly the giveaway contest can bring in emails, leads, or customers very cheap.

In this post we will show you how to find which Facebook Giveaway contest campaigns which are really working then in a case study series we will break down specific winning campaigns so make sure you are subscribed.

First step is to login to AdsVantage and search for “giveaway” “contest” “enter”. Contest search in AdsVantage link.

giveaway contest search

Next look for ads with many likes, shares and comments

giveaway contest ad likes

You may want to look for ads within a specific country such as “United States”. You can do this by clicking on the button under each ad to filter by country.

filter by country

Landing pages are critical to a successful campaign so make sure you look at the landing page via the Url button, or favorite the ads you like so you can go back and take a closer look.

goto url adsvantage

Why Facebook giveaway contest?

One word, ROI. Free is a powerful marketing tool and when you combine the power of free with the potential reward of a prize people love entering.

We also recommend using a social media campaign management tool like Rignite which allows you to do useful strategies like spending when the contest is coming to an end

As previously mentioned we will be doing a case study series on the best Facebook free giveaway contest campaigns so make sure you are subscribed to this blog for updates.

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