Best Practices Using Keyword Search on AdsVantage

Have you ever wondered what other people are searching for on AdsVantage?

social ads searches

Keyword searches are can be an important part social marketing research and yet most users never take advantage of this powerful feature. Because of this we have made a guide to help you find more relevant social ads and get value out of your research.

Let’s go through an example using AdsVantage social ads software.

Before you begin maybe you already have a domain which you will be advertising. If this is the case go to Google Keyword Planner and use your domain as the search.

facebook keyword tool

Pro Tip: If you get few or low quality results use the URL of the blog.

facebook ad spy

From these results the main keywords that stand out are “marketing”, “advertising” and “campaign”. Go ahead and enter those keywords into the search box in (

Pro Tip: Sometimes words have multiple ending for example advertise, advertising,  advertiser and by simply trimming your keyword down to its base letters in this case advertis you will get all variations when you search.

social media advertising campaign

Next we will simply sort by most liked ads and we do this by clicking like from the sort menu.

social ads like

Scroll down and browse the most liked ads containing your keywords. Pay particular attention to advertisers promoting similar products or in similar niches.

facebook ads competition

After more searching we decided we like the look of advertiser “Russell Brunson”. To find all ads from this advertiser click on their name and again sort by likes (

Russell Brunson Facebook ads campaign

This will show you that selected advertisers most successful social like campaigns. When you have found an ad you wish to view again in the future add it to your favorites list.

facebook ad campaign save

Pro Tip: Optionally once you have saved to favorites as many ads as you can find go to your favorites list and look for common or related keywords in your ads. This will allow you to find even more social advertisers and ads.

social ad keywords

Easily Find Facebook Campaigns Using AdsVantage

AdsVantage is a software solution that makes it easy to find campaigns on Facebook ads. With AdsVantage you can:

  • Boost engagement by researching which ad posts attract likes or comments
  • Discover best of ads which attract more participation
  • Split test new ads ideas faster using a data-driven approach to marketing
  • Get advertiser level reports showing which ads were most effective
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