5 Facebook Ad Tricks

facebook ad spy tricks

Facebook ads are hard to get right but there are a few simple things you can do to improve your effectiveness and increase the speed you get ads created.

Here are our top 5 tricks:

1. Google image search

Need more images for your ads? Found a competitors ad but you don’t want to steal it? Use Google image search to find ads just like your original image.

search google for facebook ad image

First make sure you are using Google Chrome browser then once you have found the images you like right click and click “Search Google for image”.

If the images is already saved to you computer or you have the url you can upload it manually at http://images.google.com

google image search

On the results page there will be a section called visually similar images, click the link to find more images just like the one you searched for.

visually similar facebook ad images

Remember that once you find an image that works well you can repeat the process of the new image.

2. Use sort by shares, not likes

spy ads with shares

So many people think likes are the most important social metric when it does not correlate to conversions, shares on the other hand do.

A quick and easy way to think about it is when something goes viral like the flu. If your friend has the flu and you like the fact he has the flu not much happens, but is he shares the flu with you it is a different story.

3. Use emoticons

Consistently we see ads that use emoticons at the top of the list.

emoticon facebook ademojis

If you don’t know what they are is those colored symbols that make posts stand out. You can find them in Facebook or go to http://getemoji.com/ where you can copy and paste them into your ad.

4. Use pixel, Audience Insights and Lookalike

This is a no brainier but you will be surprised at how few people do this.

audience insights

First add the pixel found over at https://www.facebook.com/events_manager/ to every page you can. You can only ad one per account so stick it everywhere. Make sure you add parameters to your event code to track conversions with more detail.

Once you are setup head to https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/people for some free extremely valuable data on who is landing on your website. Once you get enough views you will start to see extra targeting options worth testing and once you get enough conversions you can start learning targeting options specific to your best visitors… the ones that convert.

Next turn your best converting audience into a lookalike audience and only add obvious filters like male/female, under 45, etc.

5. Google translate for ad copy ideas

This trick can have mixed results but if you are in a hurry or don’t speak the language it can work well.

First go to http://translate.google.com and paste in the ad copy you want to rewrite, then translate to another language such as Spanish or Finnish (Spanish worked well for English text).

Next copy the text it into the first box and translate back to English.

ad copy to spanish

You never really know what ad copy is going to work so split testing the new ad copy against the existing is recommended. This way you can generate new ad copy ideas quickly. Some languages produce really different and often unreadable results but given the text has less than 20% effect on the ad testing poorly translated text might just increase conversions.

Bonus: Re-target

Use the pixel to identify high value visitors then re-target them with your best ads getting them back on your website and closer to a conversion. This is one of your highest value ad opportunities.

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