10 Landing Page Tips to Stay Compliant

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Facebook ads policies are constantly changing, one of the reasons we built this tool as a way of keeping up, but you also have to worry about the landing page you are using too.

These are not commandments but rather a rough guide to help you navigate the waters safely.

1. See what is working now and model upon that ūüôā¬†This seems too obvious not to be said. Go find a campaign you really like that is getting social metrics like shares then tailor the message to your product or at least split test it against your current campaign and see how it goes. This step avoids almost all your current landing page problems.

2. No auto-play videos. This is a simple one, if you are using a video on the landing page be sure that it does not automatically begin playback. A trick if your users are not playing the video is to get them to the second page quickly and auto-play the video there.

3. No pop-ups. Not just the click and a popup appears in the background popups but those annoying modal popups you see on wordpress blogs that say enter your email address hear to sign up for a free newsletter, pdf, etc.

4. Keep your ad and your landing page relevant.¬†Google Adwords was the first to really force this on advertisers and Facebook ads has adopted it too. It basically means keep as many of the same words you use in your ad on your landing page. Some suggest writing the landing page copy the same was as you wrote the ad, I suggest you make a different landing page for each ad so they are all relevant using software ūüôā

5. Use your own domain name. Nothing looks worse than hundreds of different accounts all promoting the same website. You could get caught up in a mass ban in which case its game over. So go to namecheap or your favorite domain register and buy a domain for $10, then go to digitalocean and get a 1-click droplet (I prefer phpMyAdmin) for $5/mth. Set the DNS in namecheap to the IP of your droplet, then use Putty command line into and change the password to a random string greater than 16 characters long, FTP (filezilla) into \var\www\html delete the contents and upload your landing pages here.

Oh yeah and run “sudo¬†dpkg-reconfigure¬†–priority=low¬†unattended-upgrades” to turn auto security updates on.

6. Keep page 2 on your domain also.¬†Facebook doesn’t like thin or “dead-end” landing pages, pages that are effectively just another ad before leaving to a 3rd site. An example would be an affiliate link. Again just put it on the next page if you can not avoid it.

7. Add the Facebook pixel to all pages. Retargeting is the cheapest way with the highest ROI to get good people back to your website without having to start from the beginning. You already did the hard working getting them there initially, capitalize on that.

8. Privacy policy, terms of service, address, and phone number. These are standard things that help your business look legitimate and help your customers contact you if they need to. Having them on every page helps the robots decide that this is a quality advertiser.

9. Use email to control the landing page destination. Not all products or landing pages are going to be approved. It is common for a business to collect email addresses on a form. It is also common for the thank you page to redirect users after a safe initial offering to a less advertiser friendly offering.

10. Don’t include banned content. What is banned is listed in the now very long list on Facebook’s advertising guidelines and not at all a mystery. We built this tool to show you what ads advertisers are having success with and that means they abide by these guidelines. Using these ads gives you an advantage as they show what is working in real-time and for advanced accounts you can even click through to the live ad and watch the likes and shares go up.

Avoid old courses that teach you how to run Facebook ads as so many of them are outdated and will only result in getting your account banned.

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