How to sell Degrees using Social Ads with Career Kickstarter

After exploring Adsvantage you will find that some advertisers use many different images and text in their social ads.

In this case study we will show you how to identify which ads are getting the best results and which ads to look at.

AdsVantage URL:

career kickstarter

In the above screenshot we have 8 ads from the same advertiser, Career Kickstarter. There are a few things you can notice about the way they are advertising that that really stands out. First they have multiple ads with over 400 likes which means they do a substantial amount of testing with what looks like an average comment to likes ratio of around ~7.5.

There is one most notable exception we will point out.

career kickstarter top ad

Not only does this ad have over 2850 likes, it also has a comments to likes ratio of ~4.7 which is an indicator of higher engagement with their audience.

As most of the success of your creatives come down to which image you use in the ads it may be worth testing some similar images in your social media strategy even if your product is not selling degrees. My theory as to why this image of a group works the best is that, more than education women want a sense of connection to a community and that is what this image gives an impression of.

Another example from the same advertiser is for a Diploma in Web Design:

career kickstarter web design

Again the comment to likes ratio is 4.1 which shows higher than average for this advertiser engagement. My theory as to why this ad does better than average is that the person in the image creates almost a silhouette like appearance that a student will readily identify and engage with (click, like or comment).

In conclusion we have analysed an advertiser promoting degrees and have seen how using AdsVantage you can identify which ads are working for them or in this case which degrees are attractive to an Australian Female audience.

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